Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Complaints, also known as Service request are essential part of any Customer facing application. Our cloud based solutions for Oil and Gas industry includes Account management, Contact management, Complete product and pricing configurations, dynamic email import wizard, complete customer interaction handling right from Opportunity to Order. After sales cycle is over, then service phase kick starts.

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We have included Compliant handling module to our solutions. We will add more this blog as once this integration is complete and we get Beta Testing results. Find below some of our application screenshots.
Shown here are Account, Contact and Opportunity Management. More to follow.
Account Management
Contact Management

Most customers hate to talk back to a company to complain about a product that they are experiencing difficulties. If you receive such a complaint, you have to treat that as an opportunity to serve your customer better, to know the defect in your process or product and have an opportunity to correct it. This mindset you must plant in all your customer facing employees.

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