Monday, 21 January 2013

Community Manager in resolving the Complaints

The role of Community Manager - in resolving complaints

A company’s community manager is uniquely cross-functional, touching and bringing value to every part of the organization. The social customer expects to interact with your entire company, not just support. They expect their voice to be heard and responded to quickly.

According to Wikipedia: While the term "on-line community manager" may not have been used at the time, the role has existed since on-line systems first began offering features and functions that allowed for community creation. On-line community managers may serve a variety of roles depending on the nature and purpose of their on-line community,

Every 4th Monday of January social media professionals gather around their warm, cozy monitors to toast Starbucks and sing viral video carols — all to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day. It has emerged as the main public face of the social media efforts for most companies. Some companies choose to use junior level employees to manage their online communities, while others commit large teams with hierarchies to the task.


Every great marketer knows that content is king. Provide your customers with interesting, relevant content, and they will continue to frequent your blog, website, Twitter account, etc. But coming up with content that is genuinely valuable to your customers (not just pushing out sales-y marketing content) can be challenging and put strain on resources. Plus, in the social age, your customers trust the opinions of their fellow customers much more than they trust your marketing messages.

When someone starts posting complaints about the organization, you need to be the one to bring up those concerns to get these issues fixed. You have to be able to offer your honest, unbiased opinion. After all, you’re the advocate for the community, not a mouthpiece for the development team.

In resolving the complaints the community manager plays the various roles: Referee, Ombudsman, Party Promoter, Comedian, Teacher, Inspirational leader, Helpdesk, Psychiatrist and writer.

The goal of product development companies like us has always been customer satisfaction, but now that customer reactions are louder, faster, and easier to tap into, product development, marketing materials, and customer support should reflect that by being smarter, nimbler, and more relevant than ever. The more you understand the things that concern them and can provide relevant, valuable insight (or even a product) which addresses those things, the more they’re going to reward you with their business and loyalty.

This is the philosophy behind integrating complaint handling along with our SCM software for Oil & Gas Industry.

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